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A baby who is born dead or dies just after birth
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Yes, add me to your mailing list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Many people look in awe toward those who can create worlds and universes with just a pen and a piece of paper.

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Deceased, a more formal word than dead, is applied to human beings who no longer have life: a deceased member of the church. Extinct is applied to a species. Some words in the English language tend to be overused and, therefore, lose their power. These words are referred to as DEAD WORDS.

More Blog Posts Here! Some teachers have their students make an individual booklet as a graveyard for dead words.

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Each page in the booklet has a tombstone on it with an epitaph, such as Here Lies Happy , for the dead word. Other teachers have their students work together to create a mini-poster with a tombstone and epitaph for the dead words. These are hung on the wall mimicking a graveyard.

Students refer to this throughout the year.

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Dead Words Activity - Funeral Program. They will enjoy this fun "Said is Dead" word search!! So, what do you think? Good, bad, really, very, stuff, thing Dead Words Zombie Style. This is the English Version of this set.

I actually love all of these ideas, but almost every blog post or example I found of these activities required printing a worksheet that already had the tombstone drawn on it. The rare alternatives that I found were to have the students draw the tombstone on their paper.

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As an arts integration fanatic, I have a severe repulsion to worksheets. I prefer to save paper and the environment and have my students create their own work whenever possible. They feel more connected to anything they do themselves, and I always want them to make that connection to their learning.

You have to teach about the elements and principles of art alongside any drawing they do. All you will have to do is remind them to think about the concepts as they work.

Dead Words

Build this into your instruction so that it is seamless, and you will never feel like you are having to do one more thing. Everything you teach them with this dead words lesson can be applied to any other drawing or lettering they do throughout the year. Using these elements of art gets you in that super wonderful art integrated space! So, how can you build some elements and principles of art into your teaching of dead words? Spend a few minutes showing photographs of historical tombstones, which can be found easily and readily online.

Talk about the details of actual stones. Some have curved lines, some have corners, some have geometric shapes, some have decorative engravings. Help your students notice how the words are centered and spaced out evenly.

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Tell students they should use the entire sheet of paper. CK 1 Tom's dead. CK 1 Is Tom dead? CK 1 She is dead.

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CK 1 Tom is dead. CK 1 Are you dead? Scott 1 I'm not dead.

BraveSentry 1 They're dead. CK 1 Tom was dead. CK 1 Are they dead? CK 1 I'm dead tired.

CK 1 They were dead. CK 1 Tom isn't dead. CK 1 Tom looks dead. CK 1 Everyone's dead. CK 1 He's dead drunk.

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WestofEden 1 Is Tom dead yet?